Thanks and Goodbye from ICD-10 Team

For years we heard that switching to the new medical codes known as ICD-10 would cause disruption in patient care and provider payment. Some called it a paradigm shift in how claims would be coded and paid. Hospitals, in particular, would struggle with thousands of new codes.

It may have been all that, but no one could tell. The deadline of October 1, 2015, came and went without a ripple in service, especially here in North Carolina.

A lot of credit for this smooth transition goes to you, the providers, who had to train your staff and adjust your business software to accommodate the new codes. Your efforts are appreciated.

ICD-10 affected most aspects of the health care system, which provided an opportunity for us to work with both private insurers and associations. We learned, along with our colleagues at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, when we tested with ICD-10 codes. We co-hosted expos with other payers and worked with associations such as the North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance to educate and get the word out about ICD-10. We learned what we can do together.

We had a dedicated team of state workers and from our NCTracks fiscal agent, CSC, assigned to the ICD-10 project. We will keep the NCTracks ICD-10 web page updated, but the crosswalk and inbox will shut down on Dec. 31.

Again, thanks for all you do to serve the patients and the families of North Carolina. Happy New Year.

The NCTracks ICD-10 Team