Issue with Assignment of PA Numbers

When Prior Approval (PA) records are created in NCTracks, a system generated PA number and confirmation number are issued. The numbers are different but normally very similar. [For example, if the confirmation number is 1736700000000545S, the PA number for the same record is 17367000000545.]

Providers often infer what the PA number should be based on the confirmation number received when the PA was submitted through the provider portal. Providers are reminded to use the number received from NCTracks on PA communication.

For PAs submitted via the portal on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, the system generated PA number and confirmation number are not “in sync.” This issue affected all PAs created in NCTracks on November 22.

The PA numbers and confirmation numbers issued on November 22 are still valid and providers can use either number to inquire about a PA record, and the corresponding results will be returned. This issue was resolved for new PAs created beginning November 23.