NCTracks Helpful Hints: Upload PA Attachments for Quicker Processing

Submitting supporting attachments for prior approvals (PAs) via the NCTracks secure provider portal, instead of faxing them, is the quickest way to get a PA processed. Uploading attachments will increase efficiency and accuracy, as well as decrease the time it takes for PA processing and response as a result.

Also, don't forget to click 'Add' after selecting the appropriate attachment so that it submits along with your PA. (More details on this can be found in this previous article.)

For instructions on how to add attachments to a PA in NCTracks, please refer to the user guide on "How to Submit Prior Approval Attachments in NCTracks" on the Provider User Guides and Training page or check out "How do I submit an attachment or supplemental material for my PA?" and other PA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Prior Approval FAQs page.