User Maintenance Page: Instructions for Office and User Administrators

The User Management page in the secure NCTracks portal allows the office administrator (OA) or user administrator (UA) to view, add, edit, or deactivate provisioned users and their roles.

To access this page, log into the secure provider portal, click User Administration and select the User Maintenance button from the main menu on the left side. This will bring you to the User Maintenance page.

User Maintenance

This page allows the OA or UA to find existing users and to add a new user.

Search Criteria - Finding Existing User(s)

  • You may search for a specific user using one or more of search criteria including last name, email, NCID, user status, or provider group.
  • You may also locate all active, suspended, or closed users associated with the Provider group by selecting the Provider Group and the Status.
  • Note: When searching with multiple search criteria, please review the results to ensure the correct user is selected.

The OA or UA may select the User ID (NCID) from the Search Results to view and edit the user’s profile. If you choose to select a User ID, the Edit User page displays. 



This Edit User page allows the OA or UA to edit the details of a user account, including updating:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • User Status - Providers are encouraged to close any users that are no longer associated with the provider record. To close a user, Select Closed from the User Status drop down and click the Save button. 
  • Provider Groups
  • Access rights

To submit an update, click save. This change will be effective the next time the updated user logs in to NCTracks.

If an OA change is made, the new OA must complete a manage change request (MCR) to update and, as necessary, end-date all owner/managing employee relationships that are no longer associated with the NPI. If the new OA wishes to terminate a user’s access to the NPI, they can update the user’s access via the User Maintenance function.