Reminder of User Types and Roles in NCTracks

Provider records can have a variety of different user types that have varying levels of access and privileges in NCTracks. The following user types are explained by their roles and functionalities. Reviewing these roles may help you better understand user provisioning and management when making changes to your provider record.

Office Administrators (OAs):

The OA is required to complete provider enrollment and can make major updates to the provider record, including all enrollment actions (such as submitting a manage change request (MCR), re-verification application, etc. on behalf of the provider). There is one OA per NPI, but an OA can be associated with multiple NPIs. 

The OA also has the sole responsibility of signing enrollment applications, submitting Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) updates, and assigning the enrollment specialist (ES) user role to a user. For organizational providers, the office administrator must be listed on the record as an owner or a managing employee, and for individual providers, the office administrator can be the individual provider or must be listed as a managing employee.

Highlights of the OA role include:

  • Ability to submit applications on behalf of the provider 
  • Ability to add, maintain and delete user administrators, general users, managing relationship (MR) users and enrollment specialists. The OA can designate Access Rights/Roles* which allow users to have access to certain functions on the provider record
  • Can add and edit User Groups (provisioning)
  • Resources: webpage and FAQ

Note: changing the OA will require an NPI Authorization Code Request

User Administrators:

User administrators (UAs) are designated by the OA. They are not required for provider enrollment, but they can assign roles and Access Rights (add, maintain, and delete general users). They also have Access Rights/Roles* as designated by the OA.

General Users:

These users typically have system access for functions such as checking eligibility, submitting claims and consent forms, etc. General users cannot add other users. General users are assigned Access Rights/Roles* for the duties they have access to perform.

Managing Relationship (MR) Users (must also be designated as a User Administrator or a General User):

MRs are users related to an NPI (as designated on an application by OA) such as owners, providers, or managing employees. 

  • In addition to the OA, MR Users have the ability to complete and submit application processes on behalf of the provider
  • They also have Access Rights/Roles * as designated by the OA or UA

Enrollment Specialist (can be a User Administrator or a General User):

An enrollment specialist can complete, but not submit, applications on behalf of the provider (they must send the application to the OA to sign and complete the application).

When an OA assigns this role to a user, they will be able to:

  • Complete initial enrollment, re-enrollment, re-verification, maintain eligibility and MCR applications on behalf of an office administrator. The user will only be able to complete the application; however, they will not be able to electronically sign and submit the application
  • Complete and submit abbreviated MCR applications (except the abbreviated EFT application) on behalf of the OA

The User Management page in the secure NCTracks portal allows the OA or a UA to view, add, edit, or deactivate provisioned users.

Users may also filter by active users to review all currently active roles for that profile. The OA/UA must remove any users that are no longer associated with the provider record.


* Access Rights/Roles 

These may be assigned to users:

Check Recipient Eligibility - Submit Eligibility

Claims User - Claims Batch

Claims User-Verify Patient, Claims Status Search

Search for Procedure Codes

DME/O&P Service History

Eligibility User - Inquiry

Eligibility Batch User - Verify and Verify Results

Enrollment Specialist

EVV History Search

Eyeglass Service History

Payment History

Physician Fluoride Varnish Limitation

Prior Approval Submit

PA User-Request Inquiry, Approval Status

Referrals User-Referral Entry and Inquiry

Refraction Confirmation

Remittance User

Training - Training access

Prescribing Provider

Supervisor Access - All Access