Getting Started With NCTracks

Just getting started with NCTracks? Follow these easy steps to begin using the new system.

Step 1 – All Users must have an NCID

o   If you do not have an NCID, go to and click on Register!

Step 2   Identify the Office Administrator

o   The Office Administrator must be either an owner or a managing employee.

o   An Office Administrator can be the Office Administrator for one or more NPIs.

Step 3 - Register with NCTracks

o   In order to have access to the NCTracks Provider portal, each provider (NPI) must complete the NCTracks Currently Enrolled Provider (CEP) Registration. This registration captures information about your Office Administrator, as well as your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) information, so you can receive payment from NCTracks. See NCTracks Step-by-Step Registration for instructions on how to register.

Step 4 – Add Users and Assign User Access

o   One of the features of the new NCTracks Provider Portal is the ability for providers to control the level of access they give to their staff members. Staff members can be granted access based on their area of responsibility. For example, front office staff may need access to recipient eligibility information, but may not be involved with submitting claims.

o   Office Administrators can set up user access for the staff in their organization who will be using the Portal. Authority is granted by the Office Administrator using the User Administration button in the secure provider portal. For details, see the User Access Setup document.

Step 5 - NCTracks generates PINs

o   NCTracks will generate a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for every user. This PIN will be required in NCTracks not only to complete enrollment and recredentialing applications, but also to submit FL2 (long term care level of care) requests, and Prior Approval (PA) requests. Electronic signature is accomplished with the combination of NCID, password, and PIN. For more information, see the e-Signature Fact Sheet.


Step 6 - Distribute User PINs

o   A personal Identification Number (PIN) is sent via email to the Office Administrator and all registered NCTracks users. in some cases, multiple NCIDs were entered into one CEP registration. In that case, the person who completed the CEP registration will receive emails for all of the NCIDs they entered. Each email will have the NCID of the person to whom the PIN applies. The PINs should then be distributed to the appropriate user.