Office Administrator (OA) Change Process


Every NPI enrolled in NCTracks must have an Office Administrator (OA). The Office Administrator is typically the owner or managing employee of the provider organization. Some aspects of the provider record in NCTracks can only be updated by the Office Administrator.

In some cases, there may need to be a change in the Office Administrator and the original OA is unable or unavailable to update the provider record. The Office Administrator Change Process is intended to address those situations. Effective January 4, 2015, this automated process replaces the previous form(s) used to change an Office Administrator.


Do you need to update the Office Administrator on your provider record?

  • The previous Office Administrator is no longer available
  • You are the Office Administrator but you had to get a new NCID
  • You are an individual provider and you now want to become your own Office Administrator

To update the Office Administrator for your provider record, complete a Change Office Administrator Application.

To submit the Change Office Administrator Application, an NCID and password, as well as the Authorization Code for the NPI or Atypical Provider Number, will be required. If the new Office Administrator does not have an NCID, they can obtain one at The Authorization Code is the code that was distributed before NCTracks Go-Live and used as part of the Currently Enrolled Provider Registration process. If you no longer have the code, or have enrolled in NCTracks since July 1, 2013, please contact the NCTracks Call Center at 800-688-6696 to obtain your Authorization Code.

IMPORTANT: For organizational providers, the Office Administrator must be an owner or a managing employee. For individual providers, the Office Administrator can be the individual provider or a managing employee.

See the Change Office Administrator Application Guide under Quick Links for more information on the online process, including some helpful hints.