NCTracks User Setup & Maintenance FAQs

This list reflects answers to frequently asked questions regarding NCTracks User Setup & Maintenance.

  • 1. How do I reset my Office Administrator password if I can't remember my security question?

    IMPORTANT: This FAQ ONLY applies to the Office Administrator for both Individual and Organization Accounts.

    If you are the Office Administrator and have forgotten your NCID password and are unable to reset it, you will need to request a new NCID. To register for a new NCID, please visit the NCID website at At the bottom of the page, click the Register button. You will need to select a different NCID. However, you may use the same email address.


    Once you have registered your new NCID, you can request that the NPIs be updated with the new OA NCID in NCTracks. To make this request, you will need to follow the instructions on the OA Change Process webpage.

  • 2. How do I access my NCTracks individual/organizational provider record if the Office Administrator is no longer available?

    IMPORTANT: This FAQ ONLY applies to Individual Providers.

    If your Office Administrator (OA) is no longer available and you do not have access to your NCTracks individual provider record, you will need to request a change to the OA using the instructions on the OA Change Process webpage.

    IMPORTANT: The new OA must be the provider or active managing employee listed on the NCTracks provider record. If the new OA is not currently listed, he/she must be added to the record before becoming the OA. All managing employees are subject to a background investigation in accordance with state Medicaid policy. Therefore, you must also complete the Exclusion/Sanction Information section of the form. When answering the Exclusion/Sanction questions, the answers apply to the new OA as well as the provider and any other managing employees listed on the provider record.

    If you answer “Yes” to any sanction question, you must attach supporting documentation that includes an explanation for each question as well as a complete copy of the applicable criminal complaint, consent order, documentation, and/or final disposition clearly indicating the final resolution. Submitting a written explanation in lieu of supporting documentation may result in the denial of this request.

  • 3. How Do I Update the Office Administrator on a Terminated Provider Record?

    Providers are allowed to request an update to an Office Administrator (OA) even if the NCTracks record is in a terminated status. The process for updating the OA on a terminated record is exactly the same as an active record. Providers will need to follow the instructions on the OA Change Process webpage. Once NCTracks has completed the update in the system, the provider will be notified that the OA Change Application is approved. At that time, the provider will log in and complete the re-enrollment application to activate the record. Once the record is active, the system will automatically update the new OA on the record. Please reference the other FAQs for more information on changing the OA.

  • 4. Can the new OA have the same email as the former OA? (Example- The name and NCID of the OA change but the email address will remain the same)

    According to the NCID FAQ webpage, two NCID accounts can point to the same email address: "When entering an email address, NCID displays a message if an existing account(s) is using the same email address, but you will be able to continue to create the account."

  • 5. Will the New OA approval emails be sent to the provider portal message center or to the email listed on the NPI record?

    The approval letter for the new OA will be sent to the email they listed, and a change of OA email will be sent to the old OA to let them know it changed.