Attention: All Prescribers and Pharmacists Hurricane Florence and NC Medicaid Beneficiary Lock-In Program

The potential for severe weather conditions and flooding due to Hurricane Florence may present situations where NC Medicaid beneficiaries in the Lock-In Program may be required to evacuate or situations where their selected prescriber and/or pharmacy may be unavailable. In these situations, a beneficiary may request their prescriptions to be written and/or dispensed by an available prescriber and/or pharmacy. NC Medicaid encourages your assistance in providing medical and pharmacy services to these beneficiaries when requested. Beneficiaries are required to contact the NCTracks Pharmacy Call Center at 1-866-246-8505 to request a change to another prescriber or pharmacy available to write and dispense their prescription.

Prescribers and pharmacists may contact the NCTracks Pharmacy Call Center at 1-866-246-8505 with any questions or for additional information about the NC Medicaid Lock-In Program.