DEA Certification Effective Date

Until recently, when a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) certification number was entered in NCTracks, the system allowed the provider to specify the Effective and Expiration Dates for the certification, but only the Expiration Date was saved. The Effective Date defaulted to the current date and could not be changed.

On November 20, 2016, the system was updated to allow a provider to specify the Effective Date for DEA certification. The change not only allows providers to specify the Effective Date when entering new DEA certification numbers, but it will also allow a provider to change the Effective Date of an existing DEA certification number on the NCTracks provider record.

This change is reflected in both new provider enrollments and Manage Change Requests for an existing provider.

Note that if the provider does not specify an effective date when entering the DEA certification number, the effective date will be set to the current date.