Attention: All Providers and Trading Partners New Alert for Upcoming NCID Deactivation

The North Carolina Identity (NCID) Service has implemented a new alert, which will be emailed to all business and individual users 21 days prior to deactivation of their NCID. The alert, which is sent to the email address associated with the NCID, consists of the following:

NCID user,

You are receiving this message because your NCID account, (users UID here) , is scheduled to be archived in 21 days. This account is for access to the State of North Carolina information systems. If you no longer require this account then no action is required by you. To prevent your account from being archived you will be required to perform the following steps.

(1) open your browser and go to the NCID login page and enter "" without the quote marks

(2) enter your user-id and password

(3) After successfully logging in, you may logout of NCID or close your browser.

Please do not reply to this automated message.


NCID accounts for business and individual users are removed after 18 months of inactivity. If a provider enters claims, prior approval requests, or otherwise accesses the NCTracks Provider portal regularly, this will not be a problem. However, for Trading Partners who only use secure FTP to submit transactions to NCTracks and do not log on to the Provider portal, their NCID does not register as having any activity. The new alert will provide Trading Partners an opportunity to avoid having their NCID deactivated.

Trading Partners whose NCID has been deactivated by the North Carolina Identity Service receive an authentication error when attempting to log in to NCTracks and cannot submit or receive X12 transactions (837, 835, 270/271 etc.) Therefore, Trading Partners are encouraged to act promptly when they receive the 21 day alert. Once an NCID account is removed, the user must obtain a new NCID and be provisioned again for access to NCTracks.

For more information, see the State NCID website at