Reminder of Important Changes Coming November 1

This is a reminder that there are several important changes being implemented in NCTracks with an effective date of November 1, 2016. Following is an overview of the changes, with links to additional information.


Overview of Changes Coming November 1

OPR Requirement Implementation:

  • Claim pends if any NPI on claim cannot be validated
  • Claim denies if a required Attending, Rendering, Ordering, Prescribing, Referring, or Operating provider NPI is omitted from the claim.

Rendering Provider Service Location requirement:

  • Claim pends if NCTracks cannot find a Rendering provider service location match to the Billing provider NPI on the claim.

Incident-to Billing becomes obsolete

CCNC/CA Payment Authorization no longer required for claims adjudication 


For more information, click on the Medicaid Special Bulletin links below:

September 2016 OPR Special Bulletin    

September 2016 CCNC Special Bulletin