Enrollment Broker Provider Directory Update

Effective October 2, 2019, the Enrollment Broker Provider Directory will no longer support searching for providers by specialty.  The “Select a provider specialty” feature is no longer available.  It has been removed from both the “Find a primary care provider” page and from the “Filter by” page. Users must search for a practice by geographic location and/or by practice name to ensure the most accurate results.  

After the September changes, providers informed Medicaid that some specialties did not display the group/practices within that specialty type selected. For example, a pediatric group will not display as a result, if the user selects “pediatric” as the specialty. This is a direct result of the way groups/practices are required to enroll their specialty  – i.e.: as either “Multi-specialty” or “Single-specialty” groups. To alleviate potential confusion, we removed the “specialty” filter until such time as we can address the underlying data issue.

Medicaid is currently working with the Enrollment Broker to ensure the specialty search feature effectively displays provider information. This functionality will be added back to the directory before the launch of Medicaid Managed Care on February 1, 2020.