OrthoCAD 3D Orthodontic Model Images to be Accepted as Prior Approval Attachments

Effective January 31, 2021, in addition to the current method of orthodontic model submission, providers will have the option to submit OrthoCAD 3D orthodontic model images as digital attachments to dental and orthodontic prior approval requests instead of submitting physical models. Please note that the only accepted image file type will be images with the .3DM file extension generated in OrthoCAD from iTero (providers must have an iTero scanner).

NCTracks will continue to allow plaster, stone, or acrylic (3D printed) models to be submitted for providers who do not have access to an iTero scanner. All other orthodontic records including the panoramic radiographic image, cephalometric radiographic image, intraoral/extraoral photographic images and pre-treatment narrative (clinical exam findings and treatment plan) must continue to be submitted as prior approval attachments or mailed with the NCTracks Attachment Review Cover Sheet for orthodontic prior approval.

A new 3D Model Images section will be added to the secure provider portal for providers to view their uploaded 3D digital orthodontic model image files. Providers should upload/attach the .3DM files in the same way they upload/attach all other files, with two exceptions:

  • When uploading, the provider should select DIGITALMOD from the drop-down under Attachment Type
  • The file extension of the upload must be .3DM

Note: To prevent any errors, the DIGITALMOD Attachment Type and .3DM file extension must be used together. Otherwise, the provider will receive the following error message: “To upload digital model attachment, the Attachment Type must be DIGITALMOD and file type must be 3DM”.

After upload, the 3D model image files will appear in the new 3D Model Images section, separate from other files in the Attachments section. While most 3D digital orthodontic model image files are typically in the 3–5 MB range, the maximum file size allowed will be 25 MB for all attachments uploaded to a prior approval request.

If a provider needs assistance with uploading images, they should contact NCTracks rather than contacting OrthoCAD from iTero.

New training materials such as Job Aids will be made available to provide further clarification on the upload process and will be announced when accessible. Providers are encouraged to check the announcements on the NCTracks provider portal and watch their email for future updates.