SPECIAL BULLETINS COVID-19 #156 and #157 Available

The NC Division of Health Benefits (DHB) has recently published two Medicaid Bulletin articles related to COVID-19:


SPECIAL BULLETIN COVID-19 #156: Clinical Policy 1E-7, Family Planning Services, COVID-19 Lab Testing for MAFDN Beneficiaries

Effective June 1, 2020, NC Medicaid began reimbursing COVID-19 testing for “Be Smart” Family Planning (MAFDN) beneficiaries through the NC Medicaid Optional COVID-19 Testing (MCV) Program. NC Medicaid is adding codes into NC Tracks for lab testing coverage for MAFDN beneficiaries with retroactive effective dates. More Information.


SPECIAL BULLETIN COVID-19 #157: Final Reconciliation of Nursing Home Staff Testing Payments Authorized Under Secretarial Orders 2 and 4

NC Medicaid is initiating its final phase of reconciling projected versus actual testing cost submission activity for nursing home staff testing payments authorized under Secretarial Orders 2 and 4 on March 1, 2021. More Information.


Providers are encouraged to review this information. All bulletin articles, including those related to COVID-19, are available on DHB's Medicaid Bulletin webpage.