Designation Form No Longer Required for Current DEA Certifications

Effective July 31, 2022, functionality will be added to NCTracks to allow Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Certifications to be automatically loaded into the NCTracks system. Providers completing an initial enrollment, re-enrollment or manage change request (MCR) application with their DEA Certification will no longer be required to submit their DEA license as described in the previous workaround process; instead, providers will only need to enter their DEA Certification number on the application for NCTracks to verify. 

For existing providers enrolled with their DEA Certification, NCTracks will automatically update their DEA Certification expiration date going forward. However, if the DEA number changes, an MCR is required to report the change to the NCTracks provider record so the credential update will occur as intended.

If a provider designated as a prescriber on the Provider Permission Matrix (PPM)* does not have a DEA certification, they must still complete the DEA Designation Form as described in the previous announcement.

*The PPM may be found under Quick Links on the Provider Enrollment page.