Full Legal Name Required

Effective March 30, 2022, NCTracks implemented a quality assurance practice that requires individual provider’s full legal name (first, middle and last name, as it appears on government-issued ID) to be listed on their NCTracks provider record and any enrollment application. NCTracks will withdraw the applications if the provider's full legal name is not listed on the application. 

Please note that if the name exceeds the character limitation, providers should spell out the name exactly as listed on the ID as far as they can until it truncates but should not abbreviate.  

Providers must update their name on the provider record in NCTracks to ensure a match with their full legal name as it appears on government-issued ID to avoid issues with enrollment applications. NCTracks reviews licenses, accreditations and certifications for indication that a provider's full legal name is not listed on their NCTracks application.  

Note: The full legal name does NOT have to be listed with NPPES, licensure, accreditation, or certification in all cases but should be verifiable as a match. Our intent is to ensure that we have the applicants’/enrollees’ full legal name to conduct our credentialing based on the correct name. 

Provider Name Incorrect on Record with NCTracks

If it is determined the provider’s name is listed incorrectly with NCTracks, the course of action will depend on the application type in progress: 

  • Initial enrollment application: The provider must withdraw their application and submit a new application with their correct legal name. 
  • Re-enrollment, manage change request (MCR), or re-verification application: The provider cannot alter their name on a pending application. The provider must upload a name change support document (driver license, SSN card, marriage license, or alternative government-issued proof of legal name) via the Upload Documents page for the pending application. The NCTracks Enrollment Specialist will correct the name on the existing record, notify the provider and withdraw the current application. The provider may then submit a new re-enrollment, MCR, or re-verification application. 

A provider with no pending application that needs to report a name change or correction to their existing provider record should contact the NCTracks Call Center at 800-688-6696 for assistance.  

Additional information may be found in the NCTracks FAQ here.