New Begin Date on Provider Records with Continuous Enrollment

NCTracks is aware that some providers may have noticed a new begin date for their taxonomy on the provider record which seems to indicate it replaces the original enrollment begin date. This is likely due to licenses or credentials that lapsed into suspension but were later updated before termination of the provider record. This created what appears to be a new begin date on the date the credentials were updated. 

However, the provider record contains both the initial enrollment begin date and the most recent date when credentials were updated with no gap in enrollment. Although these two dates are split into separate segments, the original begin date remains the provider's actual enrollment begin date as there was no lapse in enrollment with NC Medicaid.

Provider records may contain multiple enrollment date segments created by the renewal of credentials but only one begin date (from the most recent update in credentials) may be visible to providers. The original begin date remains on the provider record and is the actual enrollment begin date. This has no effect on claim payments and re-enrollment reminders will be sent in accordance with the original begin date when necessary.