Update to Enrollment Requirements for Primary Care and Public Health Taxonomies

In accordance with NC Medicaid clinical policy, an update was made to enrollment criteria for taxonomies 261QP0905X (Public Health; State or Local) and 261QP2300X (Primary Care) which are available to in-state Medicaid and NC Health Choice providers.

Providers enrolling with these taxonomies are now required to submit documentation of Local Health Department Accreditation or Conditional Accreditation to enroll. Providers currently enrolled with one or both taxonomies will be required to submit the required accreditation with the next full manage change request (MCR) or at re-verification and are encouraged to submit an MCR now to update the record with the appropriate accreditation to avoid future issues with their enrollment.

These NC Medicaid clinical policy updates are reflected in the Provider Permission Matrix (PPM) located under Quick Links on the Provider Enrollment page.