Information Regarding Highest Level of Education Verification on Applications for Re-verification, Enrollment, and Re-enrollment for Individual Providers

During the application processing for individual providers, it is mandatory to verify their highest level of education.

For physicians:

In the case of a board-certified provider, the board certification will be regarded as their highest level of education. Although the Accreditation Page does not explicitly mention the requirement of board certification, please include this information on the application to expedite the processing. If the provider was previously board-certified, but board certification is no longer active, please include this information on the application as well.

For providers who are not board certified, the Completion of Residency will be considered the highest level of education. Please indicate this as the highest level of education on the Supplemental Information Page in the Education section. A query will be conducted on the American Medical Association (AMA) website to confirm the provider's residency status. If the physician is found in the AMA records and their residency is confirmed, a residency letter will not be requested from the provider. However, if residency cannot be confirmed on the AMA website, the application will be returned, requiring a residency letter for further processing.