NCTracks Login Issue: Updated Guidance

The previously announced issue causing some NCTracks users to receive an error while attempting to login to the portal has been resolved. Please see the guidance below if you're still having issues logging in.

Any user who is having issue in logging into NCTracks and/or MOVEit Application (SFTP/SSH), should follow steps below: 

  1. Login to State NCID system ( If you see issues in Login, call the DIT helpdesk at 800-722-3946 or 919-754-6000 and resolve the issue (reset password if needed). 
  2. Once you can login on State NCID system, use the same credentials to login to NCTracks Application ( If you see Login issues then call NCTracks helpdesk at 800-688-6696. 
  3. If you are a MOVEit (SFTP/SSH) user, after successful login to NCTracks application, you can attempt to login to MOVEit with same credentials. If you see login issues, please reach out to EDI Support team (