Details on Delayed Implementation for New Information Required in Applications for Individual Providers

The previously announced upcoming system change in NCTracks originally scheduled to implement July 26, 2020 has been delayed and is now scheduled to go into implementation Aug. 9, 2020.

Below is a list of the communications that have been published regarding these system changes. This delayed implementation date will apply to all of the changes detailed in these communications:

In addition, the two new sanction questions (L and M) and the Individual Provider Agreement shown below previously detailed in these communications will no longer be required in any applications as part of this update. Only the new Provider Supplemental Information page will be required. All website references to these items are in the process of being removed to avoid confusion.

L. Does the enrolling provider have any medical, chemical dependency or psychiatric conditions that might adversely affect your ability to practice medicine or surgery or to perform the essential functions of your position?

M. Has the enrolling provider had any malpractice judgements or settlements in the past five years?

Individual Provider Agreement
Individual Provider Agreement