Residency Program Verification Letters Now Accepted in Place of Transcripts

As previously announced, individual providers are required to enter their work history and education when completing an Initial, Re-Verification or Re-Enrollment Application. Until now, individual residents who have completed their residency and are completing an application have been requested to enter their residency information under Education History and have their medical or professional school send transcripts as verification.

However, effective October 12, 2020, NCTracks also accepts verification letters directly from residency programs in place of transcripts (transcripts will still be accepted, but the individual may choose which to send). Similar to a transcript, the verification letter must come directly from the program. Residents cannot upload this letter or send it themselves; they must request the residency program send it to NCTracks directly via mail (Provider Enrollment, PO Box 300009, Raleigh, NC 27622) or email to the secure email address which will also be provided in the Request for Additional Information Letter.

Due to the potential delay depending on residency programs returning the verification letters, an adjusted time frame will be offered for applications in this circumstance. Providers will initially have 30 days to submit the verification letter. If NCTracks does not receive it within 30 days, another 30-day notice will be sent requesting the verification letter, prompting the provider to follow up. This will allow a total of 60 days for receipt of the verification letter. If the verification letter has not been received within 60 days, the application will be abandoned and the provider must resubmit the application and pay all applicable fees.

Individuals completing their residency are still required to have their medical or professional school send their transcripts to NCTracks if requested by NCTracks.