NCTracks Tip #5: System Requirements

As a reminder, NCTracks content has been built using code compliant with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. Standards-compliant code allows NCTracks to be compatible with the majority of modern web browsers and ensures forward compatible browser support.

When non-compatible browsers are used to access NCTracks, data may be displayed incorrectly or incompletely. For best results, we recommend using one of our fully supported browsers. See our supported browser list below.

Please note that Apple’s Safari is not compatible.

To install or update one of the compatible browsers, please click the update link in the chart and follow the prompts. After a compatible browser is installed or updated, NCTracks may then be launched and successfully accessed from that browser.

More information about system requirements may be found on our System Requirements page linked at the bottom of each webpage. If you encounter a compatibility issue with a supported browser, please let us know.

Compatible Browsers

Browser Vendor


Update Link

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox*


Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome*

77, 78

Google Chrome

*Current and previous major release (these versions will change, possibly month to month). Major browser makers began a program over five years ago in which browsers can update themselves automatically to the most current major release. Google led this change and Mozilla quickly followed. Microsoft has yet to migrate all users to an Internet Explorer version that automatically updates to the most current major release.