FAQs When 1099 Name, Identification Number or Both are Incorrect

This page provides answers to questions about what to do with 1099s where the name, identification number, or both are incorrect.

The CRITICAL information is the ID Number and Name(s) the IRS has on their files. Having the wrong information in NCTracks is just one part and many times it is best to start by finding out what the IRS has, then ensure that NCTracks has that same information. If you have the IRS CP575 they provided when you got the Tax ID, use that to prove how the IRS has you recorded. If you cannot find that and need to see exactly what the IRS has, it is as easy as calling them and giving them your ID Number, then ask for a Verification letter. They should be able to fax it directly to you or they can mail it if you are not at a fax.

The IRS has a toll-free business line, 1-800-829-4933. Have the EIN or TIN number number ready so they are able to get the correct information. There is a way to write them, but between risking having 28% withheld and trying to get it straightened out, calling is much quicker.

Remember, a Verification letter (147c or other, depending on how the company or DBA is recorded) is there to VERIFY what the IRS already has on file. If this information is incorrect, or the business entity name (DBA) in the IRS file is wrong, it is up to the provider to get this information fixed, or change the name of your business everywhere else (NCTracks) to match the IRS. Specific issues are listed below.

  • 1. The name on my 1099 is incorrect. What do I do?


    The name on the 1099 matches the name on the enrolled NPI. Please refer to the Internal Revenue Service web site at www.IRS.gov for directions on using a 1099 form with a different name. If you have completed a legal name change, you may request that the provider record be updated with the new legal name. Please submit legal documentation showing proof of the name change to NCTracks at NCTracksprovider@nctracks.com or fax to 855-710-1965. However, the 1099s cannot be regenerated due to a name change.


     If the name on the 1099 is different, it may be due to the standardization of Organization Name on NCTracks provider records that share the same Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). For more information about the name standardization, see the July 17, 2015, announcement on the provider portal 1099 Reporting/Pay-To Address on Provider Record. However, the 1099 for the present year cannot be regenerated due to a name change.

  • 2. How can a provider update their legal (TAX) name in NCTracks?

    In order to update the legal name of the provider organization in NCTracks, you will need to submit the following documentation:

    1. A letter on company letterhead requesting the legal name change; signed by the authorized individual.
    2. A copy of the IRS letter verifying the provider name and TIN.

    This supporting documentation can be submitted to NCTracks via:

    - Fax #: 855.710.1965

    - E-mail: NCTracksprovider@nctracks.com

    - Mail: CSRA, Attention: Enrollment Department , P.O. Box 300009, Raleigh, NC 27622-8009

  • 3. The EIN on my 1099 is incorrect. What do I do?

    If the EIN on your 1099 is incorrect, please contact the Call Center at 800-688-6696.